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MartinMcguffie's picture

Ari, was at the first Manchester show and also the one love last night, thank you so much for everything you have done for us my daughter is now an even bigger fan if that was possible, we cried lots but it's just what we needed, great now the tour mech is now in stock she can get the ones she missed out on, thanks again look forward to seeing you the next time your back, thanks again

Lilly_Schneider1's picture


I was so sad because you canceled the concert in Germany. All your Arianators here would like to see you. We really understand you, wish you the best, and are always there for you. WOULD YOU COME TO GERMANY AT ANOTHER TIME WITH YOUR DANGEROUSE WOMAN TOUR? Or will we never see you here? We love you so much ... always! 

dilangrande30's picture

Yes!I'm from Cologne (Germany) and was really sad too because she canceled the concert.I hope she is doing it on another time.But I can understand it.Ari all your Fans from Germany are with you