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Andrea_Jaksic's picture

Ariana please come to Croatia I love you from the bottom of my heart and I was to buy one of your merch's and see it's not delivering in Croatia. Please change it i've been crying so much but anyways I will always love you. I listen your music every day, your music is just perfect. I love you so much. ❤

Claudia_Martinez2's picture

Do you have an idea, what your decision cause to all your teenager fans? You could not be so irresponsible to say cancel because is not under my control!!!

What a disappointment!!! big star do not do that if you want to be one someday…. Remember it

teganjoychalkley's picture

ariana grade is a hero if you want to disrespect her like that you are horrible she has gone through a lot since the attack and i would know cause i was there and she came back so brave and held a benefit concert so what ever has happened you should understand I'm sure you can get a refund

brendanohemi.tamez's picture

Why did you cancel in Monterrey? My daughter exchanged her 15 year party for going to the concert to see you and you cancel, leaving her without a party and without a concert. He is very sad in tears ... what a pity they do that.

brendanohemi.tamez's picture

Por qué cancelaste en Monterrey? Mi hija me intercambió su fiesta de 15 años por ir al concierto a verte y tu cancelas, dejándola sin fiesta y sin concierto.  Está muy triste llorando... que pena que hagan eso.